Thursday, November 17, 2011

Holiday Cards!

Hey everyone!

I've already made my holiday cards for this year, but there is a website that has the cutest, most original Christmas cards to make your holiday bright from Tiny Prints!
Go to, and if you mention their cards on YOUR blog, you get 50 free holiday cards!  I will probably use them for other cards I need, cause their stuff is adorable.


The Lewis Dots

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Free Inkscape Penguin & Cat / Dog Silhouette Images!

I have mastered a graphics design program, well, as much as a non-techie can.

I first got into Inkscape because I didn't want to pay a graphic designer's premium fee on a simple T-shirt design for softball.  What is Inkscape? It is a FREE SVG editor (standard vector graphics).  That means that no matter how large or small you make any image, you don't get that grainy look you find when you make your picture too big.  Big win!

My first project was creating this for my newlywed class's softball team, obviously a comic book theme:

From then on out I have decided that I am completely capable of any basic graphic design work that needs to be done.

And my favorite, the penguin with plaid hat.  I know, it is adorable.  He is on a Christmas Party invitation I created!

I am now working on my family's Christmas card / newsletter, which is different than I usually do.  I am including these adorable fellows, cat and dog silhouette! 

Feel free to download or use any Inkscape image I've provided, but if you use it on your website I ask that you link it back here!  

Happy Hollidays!
The Lewis Dots

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Double DIY Anthropologie

I have a confession: I stole a friend's sewing machine.  Ok, I didn't steal it, but she let me borrow it and I don't think I am going to give it back.

Anthro Redo #1: Dots Within Blouse

I have been coveting the Anthropologie Dots Within Blouse for months.  I think that it is gorgeous, but couldn't bring myself to pay the hefty $118 price tag.  It went on sale this week for a mere $59, but still well above my budget. 

I have been keeping my eye out for a "Secretary" style blouse at the local thrift shops, and I stumbled across this one, for a mere $3! I thought of the other top from Anthro that I loved and knew it would be an easy fix with the sewing machine.  

The collar had to go.  I cut it off, tucked it under, and sewed the neck tie to hang loose right beyond the neck.  

I love it!  I have received SO many compliments on it and love that I spent a mere $3. The photos are very shiny, but I promise that it made a huge difference.  Take that!

Anthro Redo #2

I got the catalogue and saw this sweater.  I have a sweater that was given to me approximately 10 years ago, I think an old Nieman Marcus find.  

It has become ragedy and I was going to toss it, until I saw this: Anthropologie Threaded Cocoon Cardigan, again a hefty $228.  I knew a simple fix could make my old sweater adorable. 

Below you can see the basic structure, along with tutorial.  

I bought a carmel-colored rope detailing at a local fabric shop for $1.27.  I cut fabric where indicated, and roped through. I found that the rope detail was hard to see when I was wearing it before, so I added the pinch and gather, which is the most difficult to explain.   Essentially you just gather up the top fabric and sew, so that they stick up more when being worn.   

Voila!  Another find that I get a ton of compliments on.  And it would be easy to recreate with any old sweater or knit. Yes, it isn't the Anthro sweater exactly, but it certainly gives the feel of it and looks expensive on. You could add an old scarf and tie in a bow to look more like the original if you wanted.  

In recap, I spent a grand total of $4.27 on two Anthro pieces that would have cost $336.  I'd say that's a good day.

The Lewis Dots