Friday, December 30, 2011

The Watercolors

Well, hello there, Blogosphere! I'm sure you think that I've abandoned you and forgotten all about my goal to spice up my life with art in a budget-friendly way.  I have been working non-stop on Christmas gifts this year and have not uploaded many of the gifts I have made because those people follow my blog. 

I chose to get into watercolor because my niece is 2 years old, and I didn't think that I could make her anything that was completely age-inappropriate, or that she would grow out of in a month.  I thought a nice art piece would do well in her room.  Below is the piece I did for niece #2 which fits nicely in her Tiffany-blue room.  And did I mention that I love elephants?

After thoroughly investing in the necessary watercolor materials (good brushes, quality paper, etc) I come to find that watercolor is one of the most difficult mediums.  Really?  God could have sent me a memo first.  I've had a great time and am getting much much better since I've started this endeavor. 

I made a bright pink bird for my other niece whose room is hot pink and lime green.  She also was selected for the regional choir concert and loves to sing.  Perfect verse!

I did a pet portrait for my mother-in-law's Wirehair Schnauzer, which she absolutely loved.  It was a lot of work to get the coloring for the dog correct without her knowing that we were sneaking to get a photo!  Pets were really fun to do but also quite difficult. 

This painting is one of my sister, but made for my grandmother.  It looks just like her and I was really proud of the final product.

One of my besties in College Station-land got married this year, and I did a wedding portrait.  She was so tickled!  This draft looks lovely, if I do say so myself, but I will admit that the first few drafts got me all discombobulated.  Lots of cursing because I am a perfectionist! 

Another dear friend in the area graduated from undergrad in December, but the cap and gown is flattering on no one.  She is an avid reader and I wanted to capture her in her element.  She loved it!

Multiple family members suggested I do portraits of people's pets. I'd be happy to do a painting of any variety if you want to send me a photo and specifications, such as how big you'd like it.  I could do people or pets, or your favorite teacup.  I absolutely love doing it and am having a ball trying to come up with stuff to paint. 

With love,

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