Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's My Party and I'll DIY If I Want To

Last night my hubby and I held my birthday party at our home! Hubby suggested we have the drinks and food after dinner at our place rather than going out because it would be more intimate.  I certainly cannot throw a party without going over the top, so I went a little crazy!

I got in from work that morning after working 3 am - 11am, an hour longer than I was supposed to because it was very busy, and still hadn't made the cupcakes or frosting yet (because I am a snob and want them as fresh as possible), but hubby made me promise to relax and made cookies to go with ice cream instead.  He wanted to get a store bought cake and I would have rather cancel the party than buy a store bought cake; I have worked as a pastry chef and can tell by taste a box-mix or from scratch, and I just couldn't do it.  Cookies and Ice Cream were great anyways!


Sugar cookies with orange meringue icing
Fluffy chocolate chip cookies
Parmesean pastry puff twists
White fizzy sangria

Because it was 60's modern, my colors were orange, pink, and green, which sound crazy but looked really nice after my chairs were complete.  I made the pretty puffs in a variety of sizes and colors, then hung them stylistically around the home.  I used dental floss for the "string" so my teeth might be hating me later...

The party was a total success - everyone enjoyed the food, music, games, and most of all, me!

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