Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wall Art Design, first draft

Now that the bookcase and end table have been completed, let's move to the white walls.  Because I rent, I can't change the wall color without having to change it back in a year, which sound horrendous. What's a cute couple to do about the walls? Make them look like you intended them to be white.

I chose to do a black and white color scheme not only because it is masculine (and actually the hubby's office), but also because it incorporates the white walls into the design.

First, as with any project, measure out what you are working with.  The office previously had nothing on this big white wall next to a big white desk, very bland.  Instead of putting a bunch of holes in the walls and seeing what I liked there, I tried multiple arrangements and shapes, turning frames sideways if the pictures or art was removable.

I started with multiple frames / photos / art that I put on the floor (also with stylish purse hanging open nearby, but let's ignore that because it isn't going on the walls). See that yellow line behind the art? That's the tape measure to make sure I didn't go over the desired area.

If I had eventually chosen that design, a great way to make PERFECT replica on the wall is to lay the design on parchment paper, then trace frames onto paper.  Tape the paper to the wall, and nail through the paper to the wall.  Rip paper off dramatically and voila!  Perfect.

I, however, had to drastically simplify my design because (if you can see above) I have great frames but  no pictures to go in them. I bought a bunch of funky frames at Goodwill because I liked the varying sizes, shapes, and textures of the frames, but haven't quite decided what pictures I want to go in them.

I also simply photocopied two color pictures to make the scheme work.  I really like Young House Love's hallway design, especially their incorporation of color.

I'm not in love with it yet, but it works for now.  I like how abstract and off-kilter it feels.

Anyone have any ideas?  I'd love to hear what you think!

the Lewis dots

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