Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My first project!

Before getting married, I thought I didn't have any furniture.  After getting married, I was shocked to find that my husband and I had TOO MUCH! Our tiny home looked like a hodgepodge of 80's laminate and hand-me-down items.  Not my idea of chic, even when I came from a background of Anthropologie and love the perfectly mismatched.  My husband and I also live on grad-school incomes and don't have extra cash to justify a beautiful new endtable or custom curtains; we have to re-imagine what we've got.

I started with painting the laminate endtable, thinking that if they looked terrible I could just throw them out and no one would know better. I was inspired by Centsational Girl's credenza, and decided to follow a similar pattern.  

This is what I started with: nothing special. 
1. Clean the table well - let dry

2. Prime  - with smaller surface areas (legs, sides, etc) I found it easier to spray or use a small brush.  With larger areas (top) I used a roller brush, but it will leave a rougher texture.  I primed twice to be safe.

3. Tape off desired area to stay white.  I measured and was meticulous about taping because that blue will run!  I have read that you can paint the same color over the taped area to prevent bleeding, but I didn't feel that was necessary with the design I used. 

4. Paint! As you can see below, my trusty partner Jazz was there for moral support and general malarky.

I have multiple projects I've finished after starting the journey of redecorating my home.  This is the first - so easy and so cute!  The pattern is a 20's inspired modern, which is great with my other girly furniture, and works really well with the vibrant blue.  

Overall, I think this table is a success! And it will be even cuter in my newly designed office - below you can see how it is styled, but I 'm not set on it yet. Let me know what you think.  

the lewis dots


  1. loves it Jamie! The white design on such a solid blue looks great :)

  2. Love it Jamie! Great job! You must add the "follow me" button so I can follow your blog!