Thursday, January 12, 2012

Best online sewing videos

Many of my friends say that they have a sewing machine but no idea how to use it properly. I have started sewing with my new machine, and already ruined multiple beautiful fabrics because of improper use.  I thought that those pesky instructions in a pattern was mostly for stupid people, much like the warning to take the metal packaging off of pop tarts.

After realizing that I was consistently getting my basic sewing wrong, and realizing that I couldn't just wing it, I realized that I needed some help.  During one shift at the ER where no one had any emergencies, I searched long and hard to find the best online videos for basic sewing information. I've found that non-video tutorials are not as helpful, as sewing is as much of technique as it is instructions.

 Sewing Studio at YouTube

These videos are the best!!!  She offers an online sewing course, but these videos (just put the setting on auto-play)  get you from no idea what a "bobbin" is to a making a perfect skirt from scratch.  Ok, I don't know if the term "from scratch" is a sewing term, but I am a former pastry chef, so I relate everything to food.

I am finishing up my first from scratch (ie, from a pattern) skirt with a lining today!  I'll post as soon as I get it done!  


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