Monday, January 23, 2012

Sewing FAIL

I have done a myriad of projects.  From painting a bookcase to learning watercolor to sewing my own clothes, I have learned a lot this year!

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I got a sewing machine for Christmas and am learning to make my own clothes.  I am using patterns I found at a local thrift shop for only 25 cents apiece, and love the idea of making new stuff out of old fabric.

My thoughts about sewing prior to actually sewing from scratch:

  1. It is relatively easy.
  2. Don't bother readying the instructions that come with the pattern, because they are like stop signs:  a suggestion, not a rule.  
  3. You don't need to worry about what direction your pattern goes, just make sure it all fits together.  
  4. Just cut out the pattern "close enough" and it will fit correctly once you put it together
  5. Just speed through the stitching part, you don't have to be PERFECT with your seams.  
  6. The other stitches on your machine are not really for sewing clothes, really more for quilting.   
  7. Hems?  Easy peasy. Just make it up as you go along. 
  8. You can complete a garment start to finish within an hour or so.  
Don't you love my preconceived notions of sewing?  I am a perfectionist and thought that I would be able to throw together the perfect garment of Anthropologie quality in an hour.  

I really wanted to make this lovely peplum dress, but modify it by making it a black skirt rather than a coral dress. I wanted to make something trendy but thought that it would be easy to replicate. Remember I had the notions as noted above.

It took me several multiple-hour days to just finish the dang skirt.  And the final skirt? Ginormous.  I had to bring it down multiple times.  And the final fit?  Terrible! I got over-excited and wore the skirt to church on Sunday, probably out of exhaustion.  Note to self: don't make any major decisions when tired.  I could end up with a tattoo or invest in a ponzi scheme.

I am working on multiple other sewing projects which have already ended up much better!


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  1. oooh i would like to see the finished project ! i have the same "notions" as you ... i think the last time i tried to sew the whole machine almost got thrown out the window hahhaha !! definitely not a stress free time. cheers on finishing it !!