Thursday, October 20, 2011

Aviator / Pilot Hat Tutorial

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am making my own Halloween costume from scratch!  As I am going to be a cute owl that needs an aviator's hat (to which I will attach ears to complete the look), I needed an aviator cap. Here's my quick tutorial.

You'll need the following (more if you want to sew, but I was happy with my no-sew method):

  • Fabric glue
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Faux leather (I just got a 1/4 yard for width, but I have a bunch leftover)
All of the materials cost about $5, and that's including buying the glue (which I only used a little bit).  Compared to buying rather than making it yourself, you could pay $15-20 not including shipping.  

This is super easy: 

  1. Create a pattern by following the basic instructions below:
Be sure to leave room for stitching!

2. This may look a little confusing, but make a paper template, tape it together, and see if it fits, as you can see that I did it with this piece.  
Not as pretty as the final product :-)

3. Cut out pattern from fabric.

4. Pin edges together with inside flipped out.

5. Place on head to make sure that it fits properly. If there is any gaping be sure to fix it now.

6. Glue or stitch together.

7. Remove pins and tuck edges under.

8. Connect bottom if necessary.  I haven't decided if I will connect it for the party, but it's cute enough without connecting it.

Yes, I look a little like a pilgrim, but the finished look is awesome.  Check out the other link to the final product (even though I'm not in it yet).

To modify the cap for the owl costume, you just sew or glue on ears, as shown to the right.  I know - adorable!

The Lewis Dots


  1. Do you cut out two pieces of the curved ABD piece and attach them to the D sides of the trapazoid?

    1. Yes - the two "D" sides go together. I hope that helps!