Sunday, October 30, 2011

My favorite Owl-oween

I had the best Halloween costume that I've ever had.  Yes, it isn't quite Halloween yet, but I've debuted my owl costume and I think it was smashing.

Last year, I went as a green crayon from a costume that I wore in a musical production (Sing at Baylor).  I got asked more than once if I was an elf, which I can understand, but yet I was still offended.  This year I was determined to turn that around.

When I saw the Martha Stewart Owl that was created for a 6 month old, I fell in love and decided to make it life-size and add some spice.  Hence, the most fabulous Owl-oween costume ever.

I started with:

  • 2 colors of felt
  • Scrap-pack of fabric from Jo Ann's 
  • Dress (which I made out of some old fabric I had left over)
  • Fabric glue
  • Pins
  • Chalk
I sewed (ie, fabric glue because I don't have a sewing machine) the dress out of some old fabric I had laying around.  I think next time I will just steal a friend's sewing machine!

I cut out the wings from the felt and left the corresponding lines.  

Line up one color on top of the other color so that you can see what you want to cut out.  Then sew a small seam on those lines like you are taking in the fabric, and you get the feathered effect.

Then sew onto costume!  I tied a string to the end of the wings so that the feathers would move when I moved my arms.  Nice effect, if I do say so myself.

I added extra fabric to make a tail feather. Cute, right?  The real reason was that I measured incorrectly and my bum didn't quite fit when making the dress... sometimes mistakes make the cutest part of the outfit!

The goggles really made the costume.  I thought I was lacking something, so I took an extra scrap of the fabric from the small feathers, painted it orange, and fashioned a beak.  Super duper easy.

I posted a tutorial about the super-cool aviator cap, and I added ears (because owls have ears - to be honest I had to double check several times about the exact physiology of owls).

Voila!  You get one adorable costume that I will wear over and over.  And I might take off the feathers and wear the dress.

And this is me with my hubby, just hanging with my Gnom-ies.  Why yes! I do think I am hilarious.

Happy Owl-oween!

The Lewis Dots

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